The most subtle, versatile logger

Subscribe to our loggers today. Your subscription includes calibration, battery replacement and firmware upgrades

Tiny wireless device packed with high-quality sensors

    Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) device

    Sensors for temperature, relative humidity, light, vibration, and contact

    Available in black and white

    Subscription includes gateway, triennial calibration and battery replacement, and regular firmware upgrades.

Sensor specifications






-40 - 125 °C

0 - 100 %

0 - 7680 lux


0.08 °C

0.05 %

0.029 lux


± 0.3 °C

± 2 % °C


Discrete, and easy to mount

    Mount in showcases, on walls and near objects with multiple mounting options at the back

    Fix with magnet, with screws, or using cable ties

    Dimensions: 32.7 mm x 32.7 mm x 12 mm

BLE devices and NB-IoT/LTE-M gateways in tandem

    Battery powered Bluetooth Low Energy devices

    NB-IoT/LTE-M gateways forward data to your account

    Ethernet gateway alternative available

Anywhere around the world

    In museums, galleries, large private collections, office buildings, places of worship

    Monitor during transit

    Accompany your loans with your loggers

We design solutions that work for you

    Tailored solutions to best suit your needs in the most challenging environments

    Integrate your existing sensors and your historic data