Evaluate ยท Share ยท Improve

Intuitive software that helps you evaluate, share and improve your collection environment

ยฉ CHARP Art Care

Explore your environmental data

    Understand your collection environment, and how it varies over time

    Visualise data and retrieve summary statistics

    Zoom in on a period of interest

Keep a shared notebook

    Share with your team and external partners (loan)

    Add images and files

    Draw connections between related items

Evaluate your collection environment

    Evaluate temperature, relative humidity and light data against preventive conservation guidelines

Structure your work and collaborate effectively

    Invite colleagues to collaborate

    Share data and insights with your partners

Get alerts when needed

    Accelerate your team's response to incidents that matter by adding alert rules

    Define when you receive notifications

    Notifications via mail or SMS

    Get alerts when battery levels are low, or when data goes missing

All your environmental data in one place

    Locate your devices

    All your devices, be they standalone or connected

    Bring your own (historic) data

    Draw up instant charts and statistics for each individual sensor