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Intuitive software

Our software is built from the ground up to support your preventive conservation efforts. Evaluate your collection environment against norms, guidelines and contractual agreements. Verify whether actions you take benefit your conservation efforts. Share your findings with colleagues and external partners. At all times, should anything unexpected happens, you’ll know first-hand, to do the least possible harm.

Explore your environmental data

Understand your collection environment, and how it varies over time

Visualise data and retrieve summary statistics

Zoom in on a period of interest

Keep a shared notebook

Share with your team and external partners (loan)

Add images and files

Draw connections between related items

Evaluate your collection environment

Evaluate temperature, relative humidity and light data against preventive conservation guidelines

Structure your work and collaborate effectively

Invite colleagues to collaborate

Share data and insights with your partners

Get alerts when needed

Accelerate your team's response to incidents that matter

Define when you receive notifications, via mail or text

Get alerted about anomalies, low battery levels, or missing data

Link with control room

All your environmental data in one place

Locate your devices

All your devices, be they standalone or connected

Bring your own (historic) data,

Draw up instant charts and statistics for each individual sensor

Wireless monitoring systems

We provide a class of discrete cloud-based monitoring systems to monitor climate and light continuously and in real-time. Systems that do not require technicians to intervene, with devices that you can place where you need them - right next to objects in display cases, in exposition and storage rooms. We make use of performant wireless communication technologies to ensure that our systems work in the most challenging environments.

Discrete, wireless devices

Mount in showcases, on walls and near objects with multiple mounting options

High-quality sensors for temperature, relative humidity, and light

Available in black and white

Can include periodical calibration and battery replacement

In Europe and beyond

In museums, heritage libraries, galleries, and private collections

Monitor during transport

Accompany your loans with your loggers


Integrate your existing systems and historic data

Wireless technologies best adapted to the context at hand